About Us

Yaana is not just another Tech Startup. We believe in making our cities eco-friendly and less congested. With Yaana, we are committed to building a community where people and relationships come first and your commute is no more a burden. For us, Yaana is the future of first and last mile urban commute where our cities smile back at us.

Our Story

Yaana came into being based on a simple thought. How can we make urban commute simpler, ease the congestion on our roads and ensure we don't harm the environment in the process?

Yaana is a solution to the first and last mile urban commute problem we all face every day, in college campuses, Corporate offices or in other parts of the cities. We intend to enable the future generations to commute easier and also care for our beloved cities in the process. This is our way of thanking this beautiful planet we call home.

With this Vision, we are launching Yaana.