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Welcome to the Shivamogga Smart City Public Bicycle Sharing System! As part of the city's smart city initiative, the Shivamogga Smart City Limited (SSCL) has introduced a state-of-the-art Public Bicycle Share (PBS) system that aims to revolutionize the way people travel within the pan city area of Shivamogga.

Our Fully Automated PBS System offers a convenient and flexible way for users to commute. With our system, users can check out a bicycle from any station and return it to any other station within the system. There is no requirement to return the bicycle to the original station, providing maximum flexibility and convenience to our users.

Visitors to Shivamogga can maximize their one or two-day visits by utilizing our cycle sharing system to explore popular tourist sites such as the heritage walk, riverfront development, Shivappanayaka Palace, Sacred Heart Church, and more. It allows them to experience the city's cultural and historical attractions at their own pace.

By choosing our PBS system, users actively contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the city. Cycling is a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation, resulting in lower emissions and improved air quality. Additionally, cycling promotes improved health and fitness by incorporating physical activity into daily routines.

Our PBS system is cost-effective, providing an affordable alternative to traditional transportation modes. Most feeder trips can be completed within the 30-minute timeframe, for which there is no user fee. This helps users save money on short-distance travel while enjoying the convenience and freedom our bicycles offer.

Explore Shivamogga at your own pace with our PBS system. Join us in building a greener, healthier, and more connected city while enjoying the numerous benefits of reduced carbon footprint, improved health and fitness, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of personalized exploration. Let's pedal towards a sustainable future together!

How to Use

1. Download App

Download YAANA Application from Playstore or App Store And Sign Up

2. Find Cycle

Find Cycle Near You And Scan Qr Code to Unlock

3. Park Cycle

Park Cycle At Staion near by you and Manually Lock it Press END RIDE Button in App

4. Invite Friends

Earn free rides by inviting friends on YAANA

30 PBS Station Map

Cycle to Near By Places

Tyavarekoppa Tiger and Lion Safari

Located 10 km from Shimoga, a thick cover of forest is situated there inhabiting tigers and lions moving freely in its deep parts. A lion and tiger safari began there in 1988, across a huge area of 200 hectares.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp

Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp is a place where one can see herds of Elephants being trained. Situated at a distance of nearly 14 km from the town of Shimoga, it is a quite popular spot among tourists. This eco-tourism centre has elephants trained by skilled mahouts. The wild elephants are seen in their natural habitats as they go and bathe in the backwaters and interact with their young ones. It is located on River Tunga and is a beautiful sanctuary.

Gajanur Dam

Located 12 km from Shimoga en-route Thirthahalli, one can witness a perfect picnic spot in a way of Tunga Dam built over River Tunga. Gajanur is a small village popular for its various birds. An Elephant Camp where elephants are trained can also be enjoyed there by visitors. What makes it a popular attraction is the landscape, its got plantations and lush forests surrounding the massive dam. This calls for plenty of photo opportunities.

Shivappa Nayaka Palace Museum

Lying on the banks of River Tunga, the Shivappa Nayaka Palace is a popular attraction in Shimoga town. A very much sought after destination among tourists, the palace was established by Shivappa Naik of Keladi during the 16th century and was crafted brilliantly out of rosewood. One can witness the relic of a bygone era in a museum that resides inside the palace, showcasing beautiful stone carving and other belongings of the period.


A tiny village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, the quaint little Mattur, along with its twin village Hosahalli, is famous across the world for being one of the few existing locations where the ancient language of Sanskrit is used colloquially and in routine conversation. Despite the regional language of Karnataka being Kannada, the inhabitants of Mattur are fluent in Sanskrit and use it to on their signboards and in their daily life.

Shiva Temple, Shimoga

The Shiva Temple, also known as Kedareshwara Temple in Shimoga is an ancient stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built in 11th century in the Shilahar kingdom, the beautiful temple is situated on the bank of river Krishna in the village of Khidrapur. It also houses a Swarg Mandap, which means a room without a roof.

Gandhi Park

The Mahatma Gandhi Park is one of the oldest parks in Shimoga, and is used widely by the locals. It comprises of a swimming pool, a path for joggers, a play area for kids and a small train that runs in the park. Different flower shows are also conducted here.

Achakanya Falls

Situated in the village of Aralasurali in Shimoga, Karnataka, Achakanya Falls is one of the town's best kept secrets. The waterfall is formed over River Sharavathi in the dense woods of the Western Ghats. The 6-7 feet high waterfalls is a visual delight to the eyes, a popular picnic spot for the locals and also an ideal trekking spot.




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